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Tarah Romano

To meat or not to meat? The next time you stop by Pow Pow, you won’t have to ask yourself that question. After the Asian eatery known for offering the option to add chicken or pork to their custom-made salads and bowls took meat off the menu for the entire month of May in 2018, they made a full plant-based switch, saying sayonara to meat-based proteins for good.

But the vegan party is just getting started. They’re also expanding their reach beyond the confines of their H St. NE restaurant. Think JRINK meets Pow Pow plant-based bento. Your gut health improved just by reading that.


Pow Pow is ready to sink their chopsticks into DC’s meat-free dining scene and they’ve got a pow-erhouse team at the helm.

Local restaurateur Shaun Sharkey created the concept and branding at its inception and partnered with John Yamashita (hello, creator of Sticky Rice on H St.) to curate the menu. The talented vegan chef working closely with Yamashita (and the one who steered the menu into its first meatless month) is none other than Shaun’s wife, Margaux Riccio.

The team feels strongly about their plant-based proteins and cheeses, placing them on par with their original meat offerings. And although Pow Pow’s vegan menu was at first just part of a pilot program during May 2018, due to overwhelming interest, it became a lasting shift.


…equals all of the good-for-you plant-based proteins and anti-inflammatories your body needs. Food is more than just a means to a full stomach, and JRINK and Pow Pow have partnered to bring you food that heals.

Margaux curated several bento boxes with your health (and your taste buds) in mind. Think miso roasted cauliflower with kimchi Brussels sprouts, ginger, purple potato, and plant-based feta cheese that will have your gut doing a happy dance. Looking for a protein fix to get you through the day? Pow Pow’s Thai bean medley, Sriracha cashews, and kimchi burnt broccoli will give you a daily dose and keep those hunger pangs at bay.

This week, you may want to forget your lunch at home — on purpose. These beautiful bentos come in at $10 a pop, so both your stomach and your wallet will thank you. Claim yours at the JRINK in Foggy Bottom or at their 14th St. location starting at 10am.

And when you're near the Pow Pow neighborhood, pop in to check out their sans meat menu that’s so good you won’t even notice everything you’re eating is entirely made out of plants.