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JUL 14, 2020



From politics to weather, things in the nation's capital tend to get heated sometimes. While we can't control Congress, we can help you beat the summer heat with some ice cream.

There are plenty of dairy-free ice cream shops in D.C., and more are always popping up. Visit these seven D.C. establishments to get your ice cream fix and cool off, vegan-style!

This 100% plant-based restaurant serves more than just coffee and vegan sandwiches. If you’re craving a delicious vegan milkshake, HipCityVeg is a must-try. They serve chocolate, orangesicle, and vanilla milkshakes with organic soy ice cream, right in the bustling Gallery Place/Chinatown neighborhood.

A Vegan Cookiewich? We'll gladly make the trip to Arlington for this vegan treat! Bakeshop offers a variety of goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth, many of which are vegan. The Vegan Cookiewich is a must-try, but this bakery also has a gingersnap with vanilla soy ice cream on the menu that is a vegan’s dream.

Espresso. Sorbet. Pie. This is a killer trifecta we have no trouble getting behind. Dive into a bowl of the made-in-house sorbet at Killer E.S.P. Cool down with fruity and bold flavors, like pineapple-basil or mascarpone, while strolling the historic and scenic streets of Old Town. Not sure if your order is entirely vegan? The servers are happy to answer any questions about ingredients that you may have.

This popular D.C. eatery is known for its vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and their dessert menu is no different. After enjoying a flavorful vegan dinner, sink your spoon into some refreshing sorbet, available in flavors like mango and raspberry. With eateries all over D.C., VA, and MD, it’s easy to get your sorbet fix.

If you miss the taste of frozen yogurt (and the sheer joy of heaping on all your own toppings), you'll probably want to make the trip to FrozenYo in Columbia Heights. This shop offers a variety of dairy-free flavors, including Raspberry Pomegranate, Fruit Punch, and Mango Sorbet.

NuVegan Café in Columbia Heights and College Park, MD aims to serve food that revitalizes and refreshes its customers from the inside out. Thankfully, that mission includes serving vegan milkshakes! Customers have their choice of soy, almond, rice, or hemp based milkshakes. With flavors like Cashew Cream, Peanut Butter Cream, and Tropical Delight, chances are you’ll be back again soon to sample them all.

If you’re a vegan in the District, you’ve definitely been to (or heard of) Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights. Their vegan cupcakes will have any dairy-lover thinking twice about adopting a vegan lifestyle. Pair a cupcake with one of their tasty milkshakes. They offer flavors like Vanilla Brownie, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Espresso— all made with soy or coconut vegan ice cream.


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