Introducing Broccoli Bar, Your New Go-to Happy Hour Spot

Introducing Broccoli Bar, Your New Go-to Happy Hour Spot

You know you’re adulting when former childhood punishments become your adulthood dreams — like going to bed early and eating green things. The founders of Broccoli City Festival feel you, and they’ve teamed up with DC’s very own &pizza to create a permanent space for your adulting self.

Broccoli Bar celebrated its grand opening on October 26, 2018, pioneering an alternative happy hour time slot, and debuting brunch pizzas and libations. Pair that with the innovative bar’s entrepreneurial chats and hefty community event schedule and this is sure to be any responsible DC hustler’s dream.

Honoring bedtime and sparking creativity

You want to socialize, but you also want to sleep. Broccoli Bar wants you to do both. Enter: the alternative happy hour, spanning across five hours every evening and officially dubbed “The Vibe.” When the founders of the Broccoli City Festival brainstormed with &pizza’s leaders about their new venture, they focused on creating a community gathering place that eliminates the pressure of choosing between friends and taking care of yourself. Now you’ve got a prime spot to fit your nightlife into the beautiful hours of 5pm to 10pm, and to the tunes of local DJs, no less.

Plus, the Bar will host a series of Broccoli Talks on a regular basis. Think TED Talks on the local level, featuring DC entrepreneurs, including &pizza co-founder Michael Lastoria. Not only does this community-centric spot support your shut-eye, Broccoli Bar will also be a space cultivating intellectual conversations to empower, encourage, and educate. We’re particularly looking forward to their event series leading up to Thanksgiving, Community, Love &pizza, focusing on food, health education, and physical activities.

And of course, broccoli pizza

The key to good conversation and a sweet slumber is, you know it, food. Place your order on your phone or on the tableside tablets, then grab your pizza from the Bar’s pick-up kiosk. New to &pizza’s line-up curated specifically for Broccoli Bar is the Mad Cheddar pie, described by the team as their ode to broccoli cheddar soup. Our recommendation? Book your next brunch here and opt for The Avocado Toast ’za, laden with spicy chickpeas, goat cheese, and cilantro. Pair your breakfast pizza with a sparkling cocktail carafe for just $20, and you’re totally winning the adulting game.

Broccoli Bar, we’re thrilled to welcome you to the line-up on 7th St. in Shaw. Thank you for making this whole getting older thing a lot more enticing.