Equinox Restaurant is a Go-to Spot For Healthy & Wholesome Meals in DC

Equinox Restaurant is a Go-to Spot For Healthy & Wholesome Meals in DC

Whether you’re trying to impress your steak-loving best friend, vegan mother-in-law, or foodie co-worker, there’s one place that is always a safe bet — Equinox Restaurant. Chef Todd Gray has got every craving under control, from a savory rack of lamb to an arugula salad or fresh garlic falafel, Equinox proves that dietary preferences should never stand between friends being able to share the experience of a wholesome meal.

This upscale spot is picturesque to say the least (the ideal backdrop for your latest Insta), but it’s not just the comfortable, approachable feel that keeps customers coming back for more.

Egg-cellent Vegan Options

Community-sourced, organic ingredients are the foundation of this top-notch restaurant, making it the perfect place for anyone who values taking care of their body just as much as they value delicious, craveable food.

The menus are stocked with everything from a warm house baked pita appetizer to a light sea scallops first course or maple chili glazed chicken breast for the main event. But even more importantly are the side dishes — Chef Gray’s truffled mac ’n’ cheese and fried green tomatoes (aka DC’s closest thing to a slice of heaven).

And while this award-winning eatery has already made quite the name for itself, it’s safe to say the conversation is just beginning. Equinox has repeatedly been voted onto the list of DC’s top brunch spots, but the newest addition to their vegan brunch menu has just changed the game once again. Chef Gray’s restaurant has become the second eatery in the US to serve the Just Egg, a vegan egg alternative.

JUST is a plant-based food startup company that discovered how to transform the mung bean into the chicken egg’s identical twin. This egg alternative is free from cholesterol and antibiotics, requires less water to produce, and contains 20% more protein than its chicken egg counterpart, exceeding all eggspectations.

Equinox introduced the Just Egg onto its menu on June 26th by hosting a plant-based brunch at the restaurant. The egg was featured in several dishes, giving people the opportunity to try it for themselves. “It’s a remarkable product – really does mimic a real egg and scrambles like one too,” Chef Gray said. And let’s be honest — if you pair the JUST egg with Equinox’s famous banana flapjacks or a hazelnut vanilla latte, it’ll please just about anyone with taste buds.

Leaving Its Mark

Chef Gray rightfully prides himself on his memorable meals, but his ability to craft the restaurant’s menu to be in accordance with Earth’s natural rhythms is even more remarkable. Due in part to their activism for sustainable agriculture, fisheries, and humanely-raised animals, Equinox has been recognized time and time again for its dedication to real food made the right way. Don’t believe the hype? Why not try it for yourself?

Stop in for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:30–2pm, or for dinner from 5:30–9:30pm. And if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, Equinox opens for dinner at 5:30pm on Saturday, and for brunch from 11–1pm on Sunday. You can find Chef Gray and his award-winning work at 818 Connecticut Ave NW, the only place where elegant and sophisticated seamlessly meet comfortable and unpretentious.