F45 Training is Bringing Its High-Intensity Workouts to Tysons Corner

F45 Training is Bringing Its High-Intensity Workouts to Tysons Corner

Tysons is getting a breath of fresh Aussie air that so many communities around the US can’t get enough of. If you haven’t heard about F45 yet, you’re about to, and not just from us. The Australian-based franchise is making waves all over, and even in our backyard — DC proper is already home to its first F45 studio on U Street.

Break out your sweat gear, Tysons. You’re next.

Three is company…and their specialty

Why resign to one type of workout when you can tackle three different styles of activity all in—you guessed it—45 minutes. In each class, you’ll go through a combination of high-intensity training, circuit training, and functional training — and that’s where the F- part of their name comes in. At its inception, F45 set out to create varied workouts available to the masses, and they’re knocking it out of the park.

The fitness industry is heading into a tech-driven era, and F45 is along for the ride bringing out all the (kettle)bells and whistles. At the Tysons location, you’ll find multiple big-screen TVs showcasing each exercise, along with all the beats, courtesy of both live DJ mixes and the custom F45 FM station.

Meanwhile, your heart beat will be a soundtrack all its own, and with F45’s heart rate tech, you’ll be able to track your ticker as you run through everything from TRX to rowing to dumbbell work.

Tysons, let’s get functional

The new F45 studio

lands in a prime spot for office-dwellers, DMV commuters, and frequent Tysons Corner shoppers. It’s in a corner retail hot spot at the base of an eight-story office building. And it’s clear this office building is about to be home to the fittest 9-5’ers around. Starting in early 2019 (when they intend to cut the ribbon), you should expect the lunch classes to be bursting at the seams because remember: all you need is 45 minutes to get your sweat on.

Located on Gallows Rd. just one mile from Tysons Corner Center and a quick detour from all the major throughways, this spot will be anything but quiet. And with a long-term, five-year lease secured, the new franchise owners look forward to building not just a sweat destination, but a sweat community for the long haul… one dynamic 45-minute workout at a time.