The Best Healthy Brunch Spots in The District

The Best Healthy Brunch Spots in The District

In this city, brunch is a verb, not a noun. The act of brunching is the one thing that makes our type-A city slow down, and gets us through the next five days. After all, there is no problem that seven rounds of mimosas can’t solve.

But as your guide to the Fitt-est spots in the city, we took it upon ourselves to find you the healthiest brunch spots in the District. So allow us, to show you the best avocado toasts, locally-sourced eggs, and freshest sides (tater tots not included) this city has to offer.

  • Slipstream

    Brunches DC

    Never have you ever seen so many variations of avocado toast, until you walk into Slipstream. Like every other person in Washington, we’re in love with this Logan Circle gem for all the toast variations: Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Goat Cheese, and Chickpea. For the gluten-free, they offer a breakfast bowl with rice in lieu of bread, and an awesome house-made granola. But our favorite part? They make their lattes with homemade almond milk—can things get any better?

  • Little Red Fox

    Washington DC Brunch

    If you haven’t made the trek up Connecticut Ave. to Little Red Fox, you’re seriously missing out. This coffee shop + cafe + market is all you healthy foodies hope it to be. And the best part? You don’t have to wait for the weekend to get it. Stop by any day before 11AM to enjoy a FOXACADO sandwich (yes, the salsa’s made in house and no, avocado is not extra) or a breakfast burrito — one of the best in the city, in our opinion.

  • Sally’s Middle Name

    Best Brunch in DC
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    Sally’s, on H Street, is committed to delivering a healthy menu by partnering with local purveyors. They continuously rotate their menu to offer more greens than you’ve ever seen on a brunch plate before. While the dishes change seasonally (er, daily?), we’re all about their Eggs in a Nest (a combo of greens, carrots, and onions) and their Frittata with Squash and Mushrooms. Plus, they offer some great grain-free dishes like Magic Chicken Hash and New Bay Chicken Drumsticks.

  • The Bird

    Washington DC Brunch

    From the folks who brought us Logan Tavern, The Pig, and Grillfish; EatWell’s newest restaurant in Mt. Vernon offers a menu so incredible you’ll never believe it’s healthy. Following EatWell’s commitment to offering locally-sourced fruits and vegetables from their own farm in Maryland, The Bird’s sustainable menu focuses on all poultry dishes (surprised?). We’re big fans of their homemade chicken and turkey sausages (gluten-free!), Shakshouka made with duck eggs, Omelet with organic eggs and duck breast—heck, even the Fried Chicken Benedict is made with organic chicken.

  • Whaley’s

    Whaley's DC
    image via @yoonjs_

    We cannot not love a menu which lists the source of each and every dish. At Whaley’s in Navy Yard, the oyster bar + gathering place brings a seafood-centric menu, with most items sourced from the Chesapeake Bay watershed. You can enjoy a full raw bar of oysters, clams, and a heaping portion crudo, an Italian dish with raw fish and spices. If you’re looking for something heartier, bring a group and sample their Seafood Tower, with market selections changing daily.

  • Fare Well

    Attention, omnivores everywhere: Head to H Street because the makers of Sticky Fingers opened a diner just for you. Come try all the brunch treats you’ve been missing—french toast, pancakes (in three flavors!), and even a chickpea-based frittata. Each dish is clearly marked for allergy information, so you’re sure to find something to love.

  • Glen’s Garden Market

    Glen's Garden Market
    image via Glen's Garden Market

    If you’re not a Glen’s fan, we might just have to take a step outside. Their best menu—by far, in our humble opinion—is their brunch menu. Granted, you won’t be taking a ten-person ensemble to their Dupont or Shaw location, but for a small group, brunch can’t get much better. We can’t get enough of their Smoky Veggie Tacos made with spaghetti squash, the Grains & Greens served with salsa verde on multigrain toast, or the Super Nova with smoked lox.

  • Big Bear Cafe

    Big Bear Cafe
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    Big Bear Cafe was one of the first neighborhood joints to set up shop in Bloomingdale, and remains a fan-favorite. Beyond the fact that the Bloomingdale Farmers Market is right outside their door, their menu is filled with healthy options. Their menu isn’t listed online, so we’ll help you out. You can order a beef burger over a farm-fresh salad, scrambled eggs done just about any way you want, and a variety of salads made with herbs from their very own garden.

  • Peacock Cafe

    Washington DC

    With organic flour, cage-free eggs, and an in-house juice bar, a “light brunch” is no longer an oxymoron at Peacock Cafe in Georgetown. We go nuts for their Ghodsi Quiche (don’t knock a shrimp quiche till you’ve tried it) and Eggs Chesapeake (made with organic eggs and lump crab meat). And while you can’t go wrong with home fries, our inner health freak appreciates their twist on sides — grilled asparagus, chicken sausage, and sweet potato home fries.

  • DC Harvest

    DC Harvest in Washington DC
    image via DC Harvest

    Chef Arthur Ringel worked for some of the most well-known restaurants in DC before opening his own spot on H Street. Committed to offering sustainable dishes and locally-sourced ingredients, DC Harvest is known for their seasonal menu offerings. You can’t go wrong with their brunch menu, comprised of organic eggs, homemade bacon and sausages, and cocktails that change by the season (sorry, couldn’t help but mention it). Some of our favorite dishes include Spelt Buttermilk Pancakes, Shrimp and Grits (with stone-ground grits!), and Cremini Mushroom Scramble.

  • Lavagna

    Washington DC Brunch

    If you think Italian is limited to glutinous pasta and cheese bread, you are oh, so sorely mistaken. This farm-to-table restaurant in Barracks Row offers a simple, made-from-scratch menu your foodie soul will love. They offer vegetarian dishes including Eggs Florentine and an Arugula Omelet with a pine nut pesto. Even the die-hard carnivores can find a healthy dish to enjoy, from their Bacon Risotto (with house-cured bacon) and Smoked Salmon Omelet.

  • Cedar

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    image via Cedar Restaurant | Facebook

    We give Cedar mega props for hosting a vegan menu—and a three course one at that! Veggie lovers while certainly find something on this Penn Quarter eatery’s brunch menu, from their Roasted Beet Salad to a whole host of side dishes. Other lighter fare options include a Cedar “Cobb” Salad with a farm-fried egg, Hangtown Fry with local oysters, and Omelet of Wild Mushoroms.

  • Arroz

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    While you know Mike Isabella for his to-die-for Italian grub, his small-plates brunch at Arroz in Mt. Vernon will have you craving wayyyy healthier options than pasta. (And with way more veggies, might we add.) Start off with Burnt Eggplant or Roasted Cauliflower, then move on to their Manchego Omelet (with caramelized mushrooms) or Harissa Shrimp, paired with soft scrambled eggs.

  • Silver

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    Centered right in Cathedral Heights, Silver offers healthier choices anyone following a specialty diet. Try their Bison Huevos Rancheros (with cage-free eggs coming in from Lancaster, PA), Smoked Mozzarella Pesto Toast, and gluten-free Caramel French Toast (we just couldn’t help ourselves). Fitt Tip: Pay close attention to the icons on their menu — they’ll tell you which are vegan, gluten-free, vegan, or under 600 calories.

  • Silver Diner

    DC Brunch

    While this might get an eye-roll from Washingtonians who lived here for decades, we couldn’t leave this classic off the list. The first Silver Diner opened in Rockville in the ‘80s and kept their commitment to locally-sourced, way-too-good-to-be-healthy breakfast throughout each of their locations. Ask for a gluten-free menu and you’ll be handed one on the spot, and order your go-to omelette (we’re partial to the Cremini Mushroom) with farm-fresh eggs. Fitt Tip: If you have an extremely sensitive food allergy, this is your place. They have an allergen index for ALL menu items right on the site.

  • NuVegan Café

    Nu Vegan Cafe
    image via @lynsomniac | Instagram

    Never before have you seen so many green things on a brunch menu. Brussels sprouts, zucchini and squash, and collard greens (sans the bacon, of course) are just a few healthy sides you’ll find at this Petworth neighborhood spot. For the main event, try their vegan-friendly breakfast burrito, cinnamon apples, and tofu scramble — so good, even your carnivore friends will love it.

  • Fruitive

    Best Brunch in DC
    image via @fruitive | Instagram

    While you might know Fruitive for their liquid meals—no, sadly not wine—Fruitive’s brunch is on-point. At each DMV location, you’ll find each plant-based dish is loaded with nutrients, even those you’d expect to be unhealthy. Craving waffles? Fruitive makes theirs with buckwheat flour (good news to those gluten-free). Tired of oatmeal loaded with brown sugar? These bowls are loaded with superfoods including quinoa, chia, and flax. They even manage to make their breakfast burritos healthy—loaded with veggies, salsa, and get this: cashew cheese.