All The Best Juice And Smoothie Spots in DC Right Now

All The Best Juice And Smoothie Spots in DC Right Now

We love our happy hours and Sunday Fundays, but when our time as a weekend warrior is over, it’s time to get back in line.

And if you’re looking for a quick cleanse or just a pre-workout boost, it’s time to hop on the DC juice train. With new spots opening across every neighborhood (and new flavors jumping on for the ride) your options for a raw, organic cold press just went up a notch.

But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out this round-up of nine hot spots to get your juice on. It’s your guide to scoring a good-for-you juice, smoothie, cleanse, or pick-me-up in the District.

  • The Little Beet

    image via @thelittlebeet

    While the line frequently pours into Connecticut Ave., we just can’t stay away from this place. With NYC roots, the first DC brand is our go-to for a clean lunch hour (but did they have to put it right next to Shake Shack?). Like their name, the primary ingredient in many of the juices is (shocker) red beets, combined with lemon and green apple for a pleasant tartness. All of TLB’s juices are cold-pressed or fresh squeezed on site — so you know they’re top-notch.

  • South Block

    Juice in DC
    image via South Block | Facebook

    We’ve been eyeballing this go-to joint in Arlington for years, and threw a round of applause when the local juicery crossed the river. You now can grab the iconic juice and smoothies around Georgetown, GW, and in Union Market—in addition to in and around Virginia. And with the list of locations growing, so has their menu. While they’ve dabbled in a few solid snacks and on-the-go meals, they stuck to what made us fall in love in the first place: raw, organic, plant-based products, ready to travel wherever the day takes us.

  • Fruitive

    Juice in DC Downtown
    image via Fruitative | Facebook

    Tucked inside Palmer Alley, around Virginia, and popping up at all your favorite farmers markets, we just can’t get enough of Fruitive’s concoctions and ever-changing menu. With juices that change with the season (how often does that happen?), and blends that may as well be liquid dessert (Gingerbread Pear Waffle, Coconut Colada, and Peaches & Greens—to name a few), Fruitive offers the surest way to clean up your day (and diet). Stop by one of their stores or go all-in with a quick cleanse—arguably, the tastiest cleanse you’ll try!

  • Protein Bar and Kitchen

    image via Protein Bar Pinterest

    This gem is only in three cities, so DC is lucky to be home to several different locations. Not only do they offer cold-pressed juices, they also have a lengthy menu of smoothies. They wittily leveraged DC’s political scene and named a few after the heartbeat of our nation’s capital: Politics Acai’d, Federal A’Peel, and Capitol Cocoa. And unlike politics, Protein Bar is transparent about where their ingredients are sourced. They’re all about being “nutritionally relevant,” and this rings true through their menu.

  • Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar

    Juice in DC
    image via @abbey.butner | Instagram

    While it’s certainly tempting to enjoy a thorough cheat day at Union Market, keep it clean with Khepra’s. You can order a full-on cleanse or just grab one bottle for the road (we’re partial to the Fire Fruit Blend and the Tropical Sky Blend). And if you’re wandering the aisles and decide you just can’t battle the cravings, come back for dessert! With healthy options like chia seed pudding, cashew cheesecake, or even a super smoothie, you’ll satisfy that sweet tooth while keeping yourself in check.

  • Jrink

    image via @jrinkjuicery

    Two former Wall Streeters understood what so many of us Type-A Washingtonians learn the hard way: health is a lifestyle. One of the very first to enter the DC juice scene, Jrink has been our go-to boost for years. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, quick detox, or hangover cure (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it), try their Black Magic or Fireball. Or, if you’re craving an indulgence but want to do your body a favor, down a Build Me Up or Cheer Me Up—sweetened dates and vanilla, and bolstered with a little shot of protein.

  • The Juice Laundry

    Washington DC Juice
    image via The Juice Laundry | Facebook

    On the list of roughly 297 new spots to spring up in Navy Yard this year, we have the neighborhood’s first juicery. The Charlottesville company chose DC for its fourth storefront, for which we’re eternally grateful. Those of you crushin’ a workout at Yards Park will love the menu of cold presses, milks, and smoothies. We quickly fell for the Strawberry Shake (a clean combo of almonds, dates, strawberries, and pink salt) and the Rinse & Recharge (pineapple with a kick of cayenne)—which will you try?

  • Puree Juice Bar

    image via Al K. - Yelp

    Puree is a proudly 100% organic, raw vegan, fresh, cold-pressed juice bar. Amy, the founder, lost 90 pounds by juicing and eating raw foods, so she decided to share her knowledge and success. Their flagship location is on the outskirts of DC in Bethesda, MD, but Puree offers an option to pick up your delivered juices at two MINT Health Club locations — one on California Street NW and the other on 16th St. NW. Or, select home delivery for an additional $10 if you want farm-to-bottle-to-couch juice.

  • Love ’n Faith Community Cafe

    Washington DC
    image via Michelle A. | Yelp

    If you’ve exhausted all your options for healthy cafes and coffee shops, we suggest you give this place a try. Just down the hill from Columbia Heights, Love ’n Faith boasts some of the tastiest juices and smoothies you can find. Indulge in a Carrot, Apple, & Ginger or a Brain Octane (made with bulletproof coffee!), but also know you can BYO (build your own). If you want to make an afternoon of it, get your sweat on at Elevate next door, then refuel with a protein-packed smoothie afterward.