This Local Juicery Wants You to Get Your Jrink On

This Local Juicery Wants You to Get Your Jrink On

We love just about any snack that tastes delicious and makes us feel good. If we can snag said snack in a moments notice, all across DC, we will. Of course the healthy, locally-made, easily accessible combo isn’t easy to come by. Which is why we’re such huge fans of JRINK, a local cold-pressed juice bar!

But don’t be fooled, this juice bar isn’t like the rest.

One juice, two juice, green juice, blue juice

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It’s no secret that most people struggle to eat all the fruits and vegetables they should. But luckily, JRINK is here to help you do just that! JRINK uses a commercial hydraulic press juicer (read: a really big machine) to cold-press and extract the liquids from fruits and vegetables. No heat is applied and no preservatives are used, so all the enzymes and nutrients from the fruits and veggies are still kicking when they get to you!

And if you’re into this whole “health” thing at all, you know the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables: you’ll have more energy, your organs will thank you, and it could even help you get your weight in check!

A different kind of jrink

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We know, we know. It seems like cold-pressed juice bars are popping up everywhere. But JRINK is different, honestly. JRINK presses up to five pounds of produce (that’s not a typo… five pounds, really!) into each bottle they make, without all the sugars and preservatives. And unlike some other companies, they don’t process the juices using pasteurization or high-pressure processing (HPP). That means what you see is what you get — you get all of the good stuff your body deserves… and nothing else!

And talk about local! JRINK juices are made nightly at their commercial kitchen in Falls Church, Virginia.

Jrink it in

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JRINK was started by two ex-Wall Streeters, so they understand the grind. That’s why they’ve made getting JRINK juices easy! In addition to their five locations around the District (Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle, Shaw, Metro Center, and Falls Church, VA), they also provide daily delivery and pickups (from all their brick and mortar locations).

They also offer on-demand delivery through Postmates for those days when leaving your desk for a lunch break just isn’t an option (we’ve all been there). And with drink names and flavors like “Build Me Up,” “Clean Me Up,” “Wake Me Up,” and “Hulk,” you might as well put their number in your favorites!