Meet OLILO, A New Mediterranean-Inspired Eatery in Capital One Arena

Meet OLILO, A New Mediterranean-Inspired Eatery in Capital One Arena

Hat tricks and free throws are usually accompanied by hamburgers and chicken tenders. Tough luck if you’re not in the mood for greasy grub, right? Au contraire! Iron Chef Cat Cora is here to rescue your cravings and make your shouts of victory extend beyond the court and into the food line.

A quick trip to the Mediterranean

This season, Capital One Arena’s $40 million overhaul brings you more than extra seat padding. One of our favorite additions is Cat Cora’s OLILO, whose falafel may compete with the excitement of John Wall’s three-pointers.

The name “OLILO” is Cora’s play on olives and olive oil, both of which are the perfect compliment to your salad bowl… or flatbread… or grain-centric dish. OLILO gives you options and an opportunity to turn your creativity into a healthy, personalized meal that will make you think you’ve been transported to the Mediterranean Basin during halftime.

Take ownership over your customizable bowl experience and choose from various greens, grains, and proteins fit for even the pros on the court — think grilled salmon, braised lamb and, oh yes, falafel. Finish your creation with toppings like chickpeas, fresh cucumbers, and sauces. You’ll probably float away in a food-induced bliss, so just a friendly reminder that you are, in fact, still at a sporting event.

Welcoming the Iron Chef and the healthy eats

OLILO is Chef Cora’s first venture in the DC dining scene, an exciting stake for both Cora and DC foodies and non-foodies alike. Cora is the first and only female Iron Chef, and you don’t have to be a proclaimed foodie to appreciate the beauty of Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to being customizable, OLILO is also accessible. Anybody holding a ticket, anywhere in the stadium, has access to the healthy food that awaits. So, go on — keep passing those food stands with all the fryers and set your sights on the greens and grains.

Thank you, Chef Cora, for breaking us free from the hostage of basic stadium food. Here’s to hoping we can still pay attention to the game after taking a timeout to experience OLILO’s goodness.