Try ‘Trap Yoga’ at Khepera Wellness in DC

Try ‘Trap Yoga’ at Khepera Wellness in DC

We love traditional Vinyasa yoga classes. It’s where we did our first down dog and got hooked on the practice.

But if regular yoga classes just don’t speak to you or if you’re ready for something new, we’ve got just the thing. It’s called Trap Yoga, it’s happening in Washington, D.C., and it is NOTHING like your mom’s yoga class.

  • Flow to the beat

    image via Khepera Wellness Yoga Studio

    If you’ve heard music in a yoga class before, it’s likely that it was pretty mellow. It may have even faded into the background at some point. Trap Yoga is basically the opposite of that.

    For the uninitiated, trap music is a type of Southern hip-hop known for its heavy use of layered synthesizers and 808 drum bass. Basically, it’s really going to pump you up.

    The Trap Yoga class was created by Brandon Copeland, founder of Khepera Wellness Group. He uses trap music’s heavy beats to get students going and push them to try new poses. And you know what? The boom of the bass-heavy tracks is PERFECT with Ashtanga yoga moves. But Copeland isn’t strict about sticking to the usual set sequence of poses for that practice.

    Instead, the class is focused on challenging students to bring a lightness to their practice when striking really tough poses. The upbeat soundtrack is meant to help you push through to try a headstand when you’d rather just take child’s pose. You can thank the Rae Sremmurd (Black Bettles, anyone?), Future, and Migos for that.

  • Get started

    image via Khepera Wellness Yoga

    Ready to try Trap Yoga for yourself? You can take a class at one of Khepera’s two D.C. locations: The Capoeira Spot (2008 Rhode Island Ave NE) and The Dance Institute of Washington (3400 14th St NW).

    The one-hour class is really for anyone, from beginners to advanced students. As long as you’ve got a willingness to break out of your comfort zone, want to try something new, and don’t mind an occasional f-bomb, you’ll be welcome.

    See you on the mat!