The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in Washington, DC

The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in Washington, DC

Plant-based dining in the District just got easier (and more enjoyable).

That’s because we’ve put all of DC’s best vegetarian and vegan options in one place. With tons of ethnic cuisines, 100% vegan eateries, and mainstream restaurants that are vegan-friendly (in case you haven’t convinced your friends yet that eating vegan can be delicious—don’t worry, there’s still time!), you’ve got plenty of places to taste test.

Sure, it might take some time, but somebody’s got to do it! So why not you?

  • Soupergirl!

    Soupergirl in DC
    image via Soupergirl | Facebook

    Tired of salads or grain bowls? Want something that will heat your insides? Grab a steaming dish of soup at Soupergirl! Everything is vegan, homemade, and crafted with ingredients you can actually pronounce (as long as you can pronounce squash and beans). Hit up their locations on M St. or Takoma Park and let this warm goodness sink in.

  • Beefsteak

    Beefsteak in DC
    image via Beefsteak | Facebook

    Okay, their name doesn’t sound too promising, but their motto is “Vegetables, Unleashed.” Sound better? This restaurant selects our country’s best bounty and produce and puts it in a bowl for you. With veggie bowls that boast squash, mushrooms, cabbage, snow peas, edamame, green beans, broccoli, zucchini, sprouts, scallions…and loads more options, making veggies the basis of your meal just got a whole lot more exciting!

  • Sweetgreen

    sweetgreen in DC
    image via sweetgreen | Facebook

    Call it Sweetgreen DIY. Here, you’ll choose your green or grain base and top off your bowl with fruits, veggies, seeds… you name it! They offer lots of vegan dressings to drizzle over your veggie concoction. And if a salad doesn’t quite appeal on a chilly day, check out their warm bowls with roasted veggies and grains.

  • Chaia

    Chaia DC
    image via @sylbi

    This Georgetown gem will meet all your taco needs. Their “farm to taco” motto forks over fresh and local produce to city dwellers in the form of mouthwatering tacos. No, no, these aren’t your average tacos, either. Imbued with the flavors of the season, each tortilla-filled goodness reflects what farmers are harvesting. So don’t be surprised to find sweet potatoes and pumpkins on the menu!

  • Naked Lunch

    Naked Lunch Cafe
    image via @demimilligan | Instagram

    Within MOM’s Organic Market, Naked Lunch offers a zesty array of veggies, herbs, dressings, and beans to top off your salad bowl. This place is perfect for grabbing a quick healthy meal (and maybe snagging some groceries while you’re at it!). They also offer organic soups, organic kombucha, and organic raw juices. You can even make your own juice favor by choosing a base and adding in veggie and herb blend-ins.

  • Busboys and Poets

    Best Vegan in DC
    image via Busboys and Poets | Facebook

    This cozy hub combines good food with good music, art, and literature. Now in several locations around DC, Busboys and Poets still keeps its warm and local vibe—don’t be surprised to find shelves of books and walls of artwork. The restaurant offers lots of vegetarian and vegan choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fitt tip: The vegan nachos are to die for!

  • Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar

    Raw Foods in Washington DC
    image via Khepra’s Raw Food and Juice Bar Facebook

    Their specialty is fresh juice and coconut water (and the juice really is something special), but Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar also whips up vegetarian meals including pizza, lasagna, wraps, and veggie burgers, as well as cheesecake, cookies, pudding, and other goodies. No matter what you order, it’ll be lovingly made with fresh, organic, and raw ingredients.

  • Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

    Elizabeth’s Gone Raw
    image via @e.g.raw | Instagram

    Put this one at the top of your bucket list. This taste-testing menu boasts a six-course meal—all vegan. Luckily, the portions are small, so you’ll have room to try all six (hopefully). Each plate is a masterful arrangement of color and flavor. Add the wine pairing, and it is well worth the investment. Just make sure to build up an appetite, then get ready for a night of fantastic food in this classy townhouse near Logan Circle.

  • The Little Beet

    Vegan Takeout in DC
    image via @thelittlebeet | Instagram

    While The Little Beet on 18th Street isn’t explicitly a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, they do offer an abundant amount of veggie meals on their menu, including adding tofu as your protein source. Though many plant-based foodies focus on the variety of options on restaurants’ menus, what The Little Beet nails to perfection is their commitment to locally sourced produce. Decorate your grain, rice, and salads bowls with in-season vegetables grown right in your backyard—is there really anything more satisfying than that?

  •  Sticky Fingers

    image via @stickyfingersbakery

    In the mood for some sweets? Treat yourself to a vegan treat at Sticky Fingers. This Columbia Heights bakery is award-winning, including the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars All-Stars”. So you know their gourmet German Chocolate cupcake, sticky bun, and pumpkin muffin is on point. But don’t take our word for it, sink your teeth into your favorite dessert to see what everyone is raving about.

  • Great Sage

    Vegan in Washington DC
    image via Great Sage | Facebook

    Great Sage is head over heels in love with making organic, plant-based dishes that support a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. But that’s not what makes Great Sage a one-of-a-kind dining experience–it’s their creative gourmet dishes (offered at a reasonable price) that truly sets them apart. From their Vegan “Crab Cakes,” to Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Stack Sandwich, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something you won’t want to try!

  • HipCityVeg

    Vegetarian Restaurants in DC
    image via HipCityVeg | Facebook

    Stop by HipCityVeg in NW DC and try one of their mouthwatering and incredibly satisfying vegan “meat” recipes. You will swear their Battered Chick’n and Lil’ Golden Nugs are the real deal, and will most likely be tempted by their plant-based Chocolate Milkshake. HipCityVeg is perfect for any curious carnivores looking to try out awesome vegan food, and of course it’s a staple eatery for any plant-based foodie in the District.

  • Vegaritos

    Vegan Takeout in DC
    image via Vegaritos | Facebook

    Vegaritos gives Chipotle a run for their money with an entirely vegan burrito and burrito bowl menu. Dishing up Vegaritos on the daily at their 4th Street eatery, they offer vegan steak, chicken, and portobello mushrooms as your protein source, before adding add beans, rice, and a variety of veggies and vegan cheese options.

  • Fruitive

    Vegan in DC
    image via @leleanneb | Instagram

    Fruitive made history as the first-ever Certified Organic Fast Casual Restaurant in North America, and they incredible street cred. From yogis, runners, gym-goers, cyclists and hikers, Fruitive is the refuel spot for many plant-based athletes in downtown DC. Fitt tip: their menus change with the seasons, so be on the lookout for fresh finds year-round!

  • Founding Farmers

    Best Vegan in DC
    image via Founding Farmers | Facebook

    Founding Farmers is a household favorite for DC brunch-goers, but don’t discount their entirely meatless menu for lunch and dinner! At one of their five DC locations, delectable eats like Cauliflower Steak & Risotto, and Many Vegetable Mushroom Loaf leave you feeling satisfied and satiated—two things that can sometimes be hard to accomplish if you’re not an entirely vegan restaurant. Be sure to let your server know if you want any dish on the rest of their menu made vegan, and FF will hook it up.

  • Smoke and Barrel

    Smoke and Barrel in DC
    image via Smoke and Barrel | Facebook

    While pork, beer, and brisket is their specialty, this Adams Morgan restaurant offers a surprising variety of delicious vegan fare, like vegan wings and vegan ribs. Enjoy vegan BBQ while you sip one of their exciting beer flavors in the dim and cavernous ambiance.

  • honeygrow

    honeygrow in DC
    image via honeygrow | Facebook

    Whether you’re craving their Red Coconut Curry stir-fry, or want to customize a stir-fry of your own, honeygrow is the spot for you. Offering vegan options like roasted spicy tofu and oil-free dressings, honeygrow does Asian-inspired cooking well. And if stir-fry isn’t your cup of tea (or in this case, noodles), create your own salad and top with all the veggies your heart desires.

  •  Equinox

    image via Equinox Restaurant

    Their mission is “putting the farmer’s face on the food”. No, it’s not a nightmare —it means they put the freshest and most local produce right in front of you. Equinox offers tasteful arrangements of excellent ingredients, with an array of vegan and vegetarian dishes that reflect the season. And heir alternating “plant-based features” will keep you coming back all year long!

  •  NuVegan Café

    Vegan in Washington DC
    image via NuVegan Café | Facebook

    Fast food can be healthy. At least at NuVegan Café. With 100% vegan ingredients, and lots of organic and raw choices, this cafe blends exotic flavors with classic dishes to create delicious new tastes for your palate. And if you don’t love their locations on Georgia Ave. and Maryland, good news! NuVegan is now on wheels, so you can hunt down their food truck all over town.

  • Duccini’s Pizza

    Duccini’s Pizza
    image via Glinda P. | Yelp

    Craving a slice of pizza? Head to Duccini’s Pizza on U St., where you can load up a crust with Daiya Vegan Cheese and lots of veggies. If you don’t want a whole pizza, on the weekend you can grab a Vegan Jumbo slice. Starving but don’t want to go the distance? Order delivery!