The Ultimate Giveaway: Enter to Win a Free One-Year Gym Membership From Fitt

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The Ultimate Giveaway: Enter to Win a Free One-Year Gym Membership From Fitt

There’s nothing like getting in the gym and giving it your all — for most of us, it’s routine, if not ritual. But between $35 classes and unlimited memberships, all that sweating comes at a cost (a pricey one at that).

Well, keep your wallet in your back pocket because Fitt is hosting the ultimate giveaway and the chance to win … drum roll… a free one-year gym membership!

  • Fill it in!

    Fitt Is Giving You The Chance To Win A One-Year Gym Membership & More

    We know what you’re thinking, and let us just stop you right there. No, you’re not going to have to venture out to some gym on the other side of town because that’s the one place included in the giveaway. We’re giving you all the choice, people!

    That’s right — if you’re the lucky winner of the Fitt sweepstakes, you’ll be working out for free for a year at your favorite sweat spot. That means you could hit up any of our favorites, a hole-in-the-wall barbell gym, a barre studio… anywhere you choose. Well, as long as that anywhere is one of our active 24 cities in the US and Canada.

    Really, does it get much better? Yeah. It does. Just because you didn’t win the top prize, doesn’t mean we’re gonna leave you hanging. We’re hooking up five second-tier winners with gift cards to Whole Foods or lululemon. We’ll take that silver medal any day.

  • Easy as 1-2-3

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    Alright, we know the anticipation is killing you, so we’ll go ahead and lay it down for you. Entering the giveaway is as easy as filling out the form above, or clicking this link and subscribing to the Fitt Newsletter, which puts your name in the pool.

    Don’t terminate your membership just yet, but follow along — our giveaway’s going down May 29 through June 22. And the cost? Getting the scoop on your town’s health and fitness directly to your inbox. See? Even if you don’t win, you win.